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Fingers Bent Over
Can anyone give some insite on this question? Ive been to my PC and my nero and nobldy can figure this out.
My left hand fingers (ring finger and middle finger ) have bent over towards my palm been that way for 4 days now and then my (pinky and pointing finger have moved over the two bent over so it looks like i have spider eyes. All 4 fingers are stuck together now with the two over lapping the other two. Had an X-ray and nothing there. Nero said its not the nerves and he thought maybe muscles and PC says it will get better well it got worse when the two other fingers curved over the first two that bent gave me a brace to keep my fingers straight and sent me on my way.

Im on Nerotin for pain and Lidoderm patches my left side ive had problems before with numbess and felt like novicain wearing off for months and all test came back normal. Except for my Echo it said I have a diolistic dysfunction and artial anyuresum sorry about spelling they told me it wont kill me if it ruputers so who knows.

Im not sure where to turn next. So any advice on who I should go see now or if anyone else has any of this please write.

Getting depressed about all this
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