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Flank pain, metallic taste in mouth, nausea, frequent urination. . help...
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Flank pain, metallic taste in mouth, nausea, frequent urination. . help!

32 year old female....5'7" and around 101lbs. No other health problems. Hospitalized in 2004 for a kidney infection. No other health problems.

Ok, i am at my whitts end here. I have had the following symptoms since Feb. 24 of 07. . .
Flank pain, both sides, constant (never goes away)
Metallic taste in mouth
Sudden burping after I eat (strange because i NEVER burp)
Nightmares and anxiety
Frequent urination
Immediatly feeling full after i eat (even if it is a snack)

I have had so many blood tests that i can't even tell you. Results are. . .
No to Celiac Disease
No to UTI
No to signs of infection (white blood count ok)
Kidney function good
Liver function good
Thyroid good

Recent ultrasound revealed a kidney stone in each kidney (tech told me that they were super small and if i were to pass i probably would not feel them)
Gallbladder looked good (according to tech)
Pancrease looked good
Aortic artery looked good
This info is all from the tech performing the Ultrasound. I will hear back from my doc this week.

I have been searching and searching and can't come up with a possible diagnosis, especially with all my symptoms.

Anybody got any ideas?
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Maybe this seems obvious, but any medications? I started taking Topamax and I have altered taste perception, have lost 20 lbs. this month alone, medications can cause odd things... just a thought
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