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Flu like feeling:headache/eyes/malaise 18wks
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Flu like feeling:headache/eyes/malaise 18wks

June 5th I came down with upper respiratory infection. A couple days later a nasty sinus infection (never had one before and this lasted a couple of weeks). During this time on June 13th I came down with a bad headache and general fogginess or mind fog (light/sound etc.)  I went to my GP (who is not known for diagnosis, I live in an extreme rural area in Far Rural West Texas) and the ER after about 2 wks under his recommendation. It felt like my head was caving in. ER found nothing and suggested nothing, same with my GP. I asked if he would refer me to neurologist. I found one in Houston and he gave me Elavil (amitriptyline). I had previously found out about Gabapentin and that was helping me so much. Went to Austin and saw another nuerologist, he did a brain MRI and there was nothing to be seen except remnants of the sinus infection. Once I got home I found the Elavil really helped and thats the combo I've been using since. If I stop Elavil for even one night, the next day is such a powerful headache, vs the normal 3 or 4 constant. I went to Mayo clinic in PHX/Scottsdale. They had me see internist,psychiatrist, alternative medicine doctor, etc. Nothing in CBC or whatever else bloodwork they did. MRA of head, nothing again. Spinal tap: nothing out of ordinary. Nuero said I have New Daily Persistent Headache. I read case studies for a couple of weeks and that diagnosis is NOT a match for my case.
      I found a new D.O. locally a couple of weeks ago. He tested for
HIV: Negative
West Nile: Negative
Esptein Barr VCA (IGG): High
Epstein Barr EBNA (IGM): Negative
Coccidiodes Antibody: Negative
Rheumatiod Arthritis: Negative
Hepatitis: Non-Reactive
Rickettsial Panel: Not Detected
Alakline Phosates: 36L Normal 10-115UL

I've have been to 7 medical clinics and have felt this way non-stop for 4 1/2 months. I would like to get to the bottom of this in order to move forward with my life; finances have been ruined by this as well as functioning. My forehead feels hot to me(even though my body temp reads 97.0F), headache has never stopped, my eyes hurt and sometimes feel like they are stinging, and lose all energy after short excursion like I have the flue. HELP!

P.S. If you know a genius Infection Disease doctor who cares about patients, let me know. Toxoplasmosis or something related, ideas?
P.S.2 I had mono 11 years ago and it did not have a headache like this requiring Elavil, nor did it last this long, nor do I recall the eye pain/dryness.
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With all of the doctors and tests, I'm sure they would have asked you many things about your lifestyle, habits, and environment to make sure it's not an allergy or poison that you're constantly being exposed to.

There have been a couple occasions where I have been sick and malaise and lethargy lasted for a number of weeks afterwards and the doctors looked at me like I was nuts.

It was two-fold, I needed rest that I wasn't getting - and my body was in the habit of laying around while in recovery.

I'm not saying that it will work for you - but monitor your diet, sleep, and exercise very closely - and keep yourself very patterned - don't take naps in random intervals and do whatever you must to maintain cyclical patterns.

I've also known people that suffer from depression - similar symptoms minus the eyes - - i.e.; headaches, lack of energy, generally feeling sick - - have you explored this possibility as well and the reasons that could be associated behind it?

I truly hope you get this figured out - I realize that what I've shared may not relate directly to yourself, but perhaps (and hopefully) it will help inspire a few thoughts about what could possibly be bothering you.
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Diet and lifestyle are what I've been recommended so far by doctors as well. I am familiar with depression, but these symptoms seem physiological to me.  Like you said, the eye pain, which doesn't fit anything I've come across is at times the most prevalent symptom. I spoke with the internist at Mayo last week and he told that he believes all of this symptoms are nueropathic pain which mimics an infection.
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