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Flushing episodes - Vagus Nerve problems?
I just came across this thread and don't know if anyone, specifically the original poster, is still around?

I started with the same symptoms he described, with these differences:

Seizure was very, very mild, no shaking, but almost passing out, eyes rolling in head.
Feeling need to vomit, but not actually doing it.
Needing to sleep - not being able to stop it - after the chills subside.

I too got these episodes every 5 weeks or so.

Mine started, occurred 4-5 times, then stopped for a year.  Today I just experienced another, albiet milder.

My primary care doc had me to a CAT scan, looking for a tumor - nothing.

I mentioned the episodes to my ENT, who then told me that there's a nerve at the back of the sinus cavity that could cause these symptoms when irritated.

After that, I realized that every time I had an episode, something just occurred in my nose - using a Q-Tip to apply saline gel or neosporin or  blowing my nose (I use a LOT of force).

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