Foot numbness, tingling, pain radiating up leg and rash on ankle.
by chisox, Jul 26, 2006
Started with itchy top of foot, next day out of the blue foot is  tingling, feeling numb(wanted to shake awake). Pain in ankle. Now pain (mild ache)going up leg (Knee, thigh). Then get a cluster of red bumps (rash-like) on ankle bone.  Any idea? Who do you see for this?  Foot feels mildly numb, but also achey with a rash?
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by James_18, Aug 02, 2006
Hi, You could see a general doctor. It could be something mild or serious, have him do some test and see. It could be a low potassium  level. I have a low potassium level usually below 3.5 and I always get tingly numb hands, feet, arms, legs, and I get nausious.

Low Potassium levels are very dangerous especially below 3.0 you could have heart problems if you do have a low level..

Not to scare you but you should not take a chance and go to your doctor. And tell him you want tests.. also tell him to check your blood CBC with differancial, chem profile, chem 14.

Bye Take Care
by bill_calderon, Aug 23, 2008
Have Dr. check for Diabetic or Peripheral Neuropathy. And not to scare you, but test for Multiple Sclerosis also. I have both.
by Sammie4258, Aug 24, 2008
I have to agree with Bill.  I have neuropathy and my husband has MS.  I also have a type 1 diabetic brother.  and that rash would really concern me with diabetes. Please have this checked out.  good luck..