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Freezer burned skin
It may sound ridiculous but I have burned my fingers with the freezer. I had soaking wet hands and was grabbing something from the freezer, when the tops of my fingers became stuck to the top of the inside.  Like a kid licking a metal pole in winter!!  Even trying to rip them off was impossible.

They were attached for a good minute or two until someone brought me a wet sponge which released them.  They came out looking a really weird beige colour, and were in the shape that they were frozen in. That was last night.

Now they're really sore, swollen and red.  I thought they were going to blister but they haven't yet, though it looks like there is something happening deep below the surface.

What should I put on them???  Something like polysporen for burns?  Something for blisters?  Covered?  Let them breath?
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Rapid rewarming of the finger needs to be avoided.

You can gradually rewarm it by putting your hand in water at a temp of around 1050F.

You can take some analgesics like ibuprofen, acetaminophen.

You should drink hot fluids like tea, coffee.

Don’t expose the finger to any direct heat.

You can keep it in warm clothing. Keep the skin clean and wrap the fingers in clean bandages separately.

You don’t need to apply any ointment etc.

I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted.

Best Regards.
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