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Friend brought up cutting for pleasure?
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Friend brought up cutting for pleasure?

Okay, so, I'd like to clear up that they are NOT IN DANGER and they DO NOT CURRENTLY HARM THEMSELVES.  
They simply brought it up to me, and I decided I needed another opinion.
Now, that being said, they said they have the urge to cut themselves.  The assured me that they are in no way depressed (and knowing them for as long as I have, I know they aren't lying), though they do often feel bored (they are very intelligent), and that they simply like the way it looks on the skin.  
They told me they liked the sight of blood, and they thought it was beautiful, though they made it very clear they wouldn't want to ingest any. (Apparently they didn't want to be linked to some people that like to taste it?)  They do, though, bite their lip until it bleeds a lot, and then eat really salty food after so it stings.  
They said they'd like to cut themselves so there was blood, but not deep enough so there would be any damage, and that they'd "obviously make sure the it was in a sterile way and ****".  
They just seem to get pleasure out of pain, and they like blood.
Is this normal?  Well, rather, is it so abnormal that it's wrong? (Because obviously that isn't normal.)
Please keep in mind they are not in danger, they have told me before they feel like cutting themselves for fun, but say they'd never do it because of the problems it would cause, and they hold that argument.  
(And I know they're keeping their word because we went in their hot tub the other day with our bathing suits and there wasn't a scratch on them.)
This is either a cry for help or a sign of mental/emotional disorder. Either way this is a sign of distress and it means they getting to the point where they are no longer able to deal. With people who are able to hide their pain well you don't see signs of distress until they are really troubled.  If your friend is bringing this up more or going more into detail they may actually be reaching out to you.    Many of us cause ourselves physical pain to cope with the emotional, but it is not healthy and it is a sign of trouble.
youth + long free time + no responsiblities = abnormal  behaviour ...( may be harmful ) ...
Hi, I agree with runincircles. I get that you don't want to think anything could be wrong with a long time friend, without you knowing. But that type of behavior is a sign of deeper troubles. I have had a friend that sounds like yours. They are intelligent, and bored sometimes. Overall they seemed like they were alright emotionally, and mentally. They talked about cutting, but promised they never would. After awhile they did cut themselves. To hide it they did it on their stomach. They had been abused when they were younger.

This friend had some deep emotional trauma from their childhood. Another friend has scars on his stomach and arms from when he was younger and cut himself. I asked him what was going through his head and he told me that he was just upset and feeling the pain helped. That was his simple explanation. The truth was he had a messed up childhood. Plus he was never taught how to handle his emotions. This was his way of getting them out, without hurting yourself or others.

Now, I don't know your friend, but I have known many people who felt this way. All of them had something deeper going on in their lives. Most of them was emotion, but some mental. And a sad but true fact most of them are very very intelligent. If you care about your friend you should talk to your friend. Don't be pushy, but try to get them help.

I give this advice cause there is no way of knowing what their deeper issue is and how much they are holding back. I don't want your friend's emotions to explode one day and they hurt themselves or someone else. Or for their mental state to get worse. I will be praying for your friend. I also will be praying God guides you on how to handle this. May God Bless you both,

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