Get Rid of Acne w/out Unnecessary Expense
by Sarita23, Apr 12, 2012
Me again (and thank you so much to the people who've answered my questions ^^).

Since 13, I've suffered from acne (who hasn't?). However, it's been over ten years, and I'm desperate for some solutions. It's not terrible, but the periodic sores are really taking hits on my esteem in the workplace and ability to function with other people. Another problem is my sensitive skin, especially after a shower, where I have to rub with cool water to soothe the extreme dryness.

I know this is a common issue. I would appreciate some good, common solutions which don't require me spending a fortune on cleansing oils, beauty treatments, and god knows what else. ^^

Medications I have used/am using:

- Clean&Clear persa-gel 10 benzoyl peroxide/max strength (used for worst sores)
- Clean&Clear blackhead eraser cleansing mask/salicylic acid (drys oily skin)
- Clean&Clear invisible blemish treatment (off and on)
- Almay clear complexion makeup (wish I didn't have to cake on so much!)

What am I doing wrong, and what should I keep doing? Rant as long as you want, just PLEASE help me to find a system that has helped you, if you have similar dry, sensitive skin. I can buy a couple things (e.g. moisturizer), but don't overwhelm me!

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by Troii, Apr 12, 2012
We have all run that gauntlet. I am in my upper 60's and I have no facial wrinkles clear skin. My secret has and will always be the old remedies (old lady stuff) First of all you are buying things you can't even pronounce let alone afford on an ongoing basis. My Remedy is just put a little Boric Acid Powder in a salt shaker, Buy yourself a soft brush for washing your face. Use a little ivory or any gentle soap on the brush sprinkle a little of the powder onto the brush -Emphasis being a little; scrub your face and thoroughly rinse when you are done. Sprinkle cold water on your face to close the pores. The only Face Cream you will ever need in your life is (Aloe Vera Gel) use it and you will be. Zit Free for the rest of your life. Do this about three times a week.
Boric Acid - 3.00
Soap Gentle 3.00
Aloe Vera 3.00
Brush at dollar store 1.00
Cost of your care $10.00 and will last you for about 6 to 8 months
Advice Free :)
How about that for starters. Write me and let me know your results Please. Be Well Troii.
by bellajean152, Apr 12, 2012
My face stayed broke out!!  I used everything! Come to find out I couldn't use anything with benzol peroxide! It made my face worse! At walmart they have a Johnson and Johnsons face wash for 5 bucks! It works awesome!! It's doesn't have all those harsh chemicals in it! Hope this helps!!
by lskd, Apr 12, 2012
I myself  do not suffer from acne, but one of my close friends has very similar problems.  He gets sores, but also has dry, sensitive skin.  He washes his face with a brand called PURPOSE bar soap, and moisturizes after with PURPOSE  face lotion.  they come in a blue package, they are manufactured by johnson-johnson.  Both are non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).  The products are a little pricier than run-of-the-mill face products, but put together the cost of both shouldn't be more than $15, give or take.  hope this helps!