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Gross Hematuria Undiagnosed
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Gross Hematuria Undiagnosed

I am a 55 yo female with a history of gross hematuria. I first had gross hematuria in May of 07. 1 occassion on a Sat. and 1 occassion on the following Sunday. After and in between these two episodes, urine was clear with no visible blood. I went to my Primary care physician who ran a U/A that did not show any blood at all. We did these follow up U/A's for 3 more times and all were clear. He then referred me to a Urologist and scheduled me to have a Renal Ultrasound prior to my visit with the Urologist. The Renal Ultrasound was normal with the exception of a dilated ureter on the left. My Primary Care physician then sent me for a Abdominal CT Scan with and without contrast. The CT scan showed a Horseshoe Kidney, but no other abnormalities. I later had my visit with the Urologist who scheduled a Cystoscope. The Cystoscope was good, no abnomalities seen. I had one very slight episode of gross hematuria approximately 5 months later for 1 time after jogging. No more hematuria until 3 months later (this past weekend) when I had gross hematuria on 3-4 different occassions on both Sat and Sunday with the hematuria clearing up and has not reappeared. I had been taking over the counter Cold medicine for several days. I was being re-evaluated for the Hematuria and had a repeat CT scan w and w/o contrast as well as a KUB with and without contrast and post void on Monday before these last episodes of hematuria. They were compared to my last test and showed no change. I am scheduled for another Cystoscopy on Monday Feb. 18th. Could the gross hematuria be caused by my Horseshoe Kidney? What is the next step if the Cysto does not show anything again. Is is possible to have reoccuring gross hematuria for no reason? It also seem that I always have the gross hematuria after taking over the counter meds for a few days or after activity.

TIA for you help
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I agree with the workup thus far, and it has been comprehensive.

I am not aware of horseshoe kidney by itself leading to gross hematuria.

The cystoscopy is a comprehensive test of the lower GU tract, and can exclude diseases like bladder cancer.

If this test is negative, repeating it every 3-6 months is an option to ensure that a cancer of the lower GU tract isn't the cause.

Another urological opinion can be sought if the diagnosis is non-revealing.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
Thank you for your reply. I had the repeat Cysto this morning and it was clear again. Therefore, we still do not have a diagnosis for the intermittent bleeding. Also U/A taken directly from bladder during cysto was negative for blood. I am scheduled for follow up in 6 months.

Thank You

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