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Hand and Feet Swelling and Pain
I have been dealing with pain and swelling in my hands and feet for the last 7 months. My pain is with movement only, and swelling is on the dorsal aspect of both feet and in most fingers of my hands. I have been seen by my PCP, rheumatology, plastics, dermatology, and orthopaedics, and so far no one has an answer. I have had negative blood work and xrays, and I am desperatly seeking anyone with similiar symptoms or may have any ideas. Like I said, the pain is with movment only, and feels tight (almost like a tendonitis) but the pain is diffuse and bilateral. My daily living has been greatly affected by this. I can barely walk without extreme pain, and I can no longer run or jog. Also, I cannot wear rings (including my wedding band). Someone Please Help if you have any ideas.
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