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Head Pounding
My mother is about 70 years old with not much of a medical history. She has been complaining of head pain . She describes the pain as a feeling of her heart beating in her head(or a thunping feeling). Its felt mainly in the rear back  and top of the head. The symptoms started just once in awhile but now she has them nearly ever day.

She desribes the rear of the head as feeling like ''something is filling up'' just before she hasd the symtoms.

Once the symptoms come they get worse and worse and eventually go toward the heart area and she has a chest pounding too. If she takes nerve medication it help some with the symtoms. She was told by her beautian that her head was red,exactly where the pounding is.

Im unsure what to advise ,I personally suspect blood pressure or heart condition but her doctor hasnt committed to anything. She claims the blood pressure meds causes extreme tired feeling and she cant even climb the steps when she takes it on a regular basis. ( beta blocker) .

She is slightly overweight , not too bad for her age and her doctor claims her heart is ok.

Any suggestions If be thankful for.
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