Headache only when standing or sitting up
by Pajuntikka, Jun 21, 2009
My husband started off with a dull headache for a week.  Went to the doctor she said he had fluid in the ears. No fever.   She order a CT scan to make sure the headache wasn't neurological.  Next morning when he got out of bed the pain (head and Neck) was so bad when he was standing he had to lay back down.  The pain goes away when he lays down.  Before we left for to go get the CT scan he was sitting in the chair for a few minutes and starting to throw up.  He had to lay in the back seat to travel to get the CT Scan.  Neurologist office called me and said to take him to the ER because his symptoms were changing.  We to ER they took a CT, MRI,MRA all negative.  He was released headache without cause. Went back to family doctor 3rd day and she gave him a injection to help releave the fluid in the ears.  Gave him Prednisone packet. and a prescription for head pain.  Day four his by noon his right ear opened up and that evening he could sit up to eat dinner and that evening he sat up for 3 to 4 hrs. He takes the pain med only when he has to. Day 5 the morning was good but by noon  things were like before he gets a head and neck pain any time he sits up or stands up. Day 6 same, day 7 his head sounds like its in a base drum and he hears rushing along with the head and neck pain when he standing or sitting.  Day 8 same but were waiting to get into the ENT's office.  Day 9 we see the ENT and he said no fluids in the ears and does a number of hearing test.  Nothing found he said ENT are fine and the headaches must be neck related.  We go to the Neurologist he does his exam and no answers to the headache.  He said he's having a low pressure headache which is not that common and he ordered a MRI of his neck.  We get home and the family doctor left a message saying his blood work was conclusive of a Viral infection.   We just had the MRI of his neck Friday and will see the Neurologist on Tuesday for the results.  My husband has no pain when lying down he can only stand or sit up for 10 to 15 minutes at a time before he has to lay down because the pain to his head and neck come back.  If he is sitting for a longer period of time like when were sitting in the doctors office he has to bend over in the chair to lower his head from the upright position for some relief.  Can someone help us?  Lime disease, Meningitis, don't fit the symtoms.
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by Fezteh, Jun 26, 2011
Ever figure it out I have the symptoms...
by ann2tie713, Jan 10, 2014
A related discussion, Follow up was started.
by Brittnaybarn, Mar 02, 2014
I had the same thing. Found out it was viral meningitus