Heat Sensation Lower back area
by lodoms, May 02, 2006
I first developed chronic urticaria while stationed in Korea (2002)I could feel an onset from my feet all the way thru my body up to my neck.  Somehow when I returned to the states it went away or I haven't had any episodes.  I was always told by these Army dr that I was anemic as well.  I have a 1 year old little boy and had pregnancy anemia.  Now one year later I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my TSH level is supposed to be on or about 5 and mine was up to 38.  Now I'm on medication and lately I have had serious heat sensations in my left lower quadrant.  I thought it was my car but today I was sitting in a chair and had the sensation coming and going all day long.  It is hard to explain b/c I feel as if I am burning up in the lower left portion of my back.  Could this be the meds or does anyone know what can cause this heat sensation?  Thanks for sharing your stories, at least I know I'm not alone.

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by lodoms, May 03, 2006
My medication is 100 mg of Levothyroxine. However lately I seem to be getting more ailments besides the exhaustion,the hair loss, cold sensitivity ,terrible mood swings, decreased sex drive NOW I have serious hoarseness in my voice and my menstrual cycle was off by 2 weeks and its always been regular at 28-30 days.  I had to have a CT scan done of my abdomen because of severe pains and now this heat sensation in my lower left back area.....Can all these symptoms be caused by the medication too?  I have been on meds since the 4 April 2006 and I know I am not having hot flashes because I am 36 years old and have a one year old son.
by replgirl, May 30, 2006
I have the same symptoms in my lower back all the time. It gets so hot sometimes I can't believe it. I have been experiencing them for about 2 years. I also have hypothyroidism like you. I also have exhaustion, I can't seem to sleep sometimes I get so hot from my back. I was glad to see someone else with this weird symptom. I have asked my Doctor on several occasions and he does not have any answer other than hot flashes but I have never heard of anyone getting them in their lower back. I have had my kidneys checked thinking it was from that but nothing. Have you had any other hot spots appear? I get really hot sometimes in my right ear but my back is hot all the time. Let me know if you get any other answers and good luck
by rabbit993, Sep 02, 2008
I as well have been having these hot systoms in my lower back.  And I am concern what it is cause from to.  I also have been having problems with my left leg feeling like I have circulation problems but I went to the emergency room and took many test, blood test and xrays and the doctors say that my circulation problem where fine.  But my leg sometime swells up on the upper part and it feels like it is sore  all the time like I have been working out and it got sore ot I pulled something,  I also have a lump in the upper leg and asked the doctors what that was and because I am over weight they said it was just fat but fat does not hurt I do not think and if I push on this lump it hurts.,  It does not hurt any other time only when I push on it.  And I have the same time of lump on my lower back and I just wonder if maybe someone else may have had this problem and could help me because no one else seems to be able to.  And I think I am stressing more not knowing what this is.  please help me if you can.

Thanks rabbit.
by zain82, Feb 14, 2011
Ve been having heat flashes like these for 2 years now. First time was when I was on the plane! My entire back felt it was warm and hot! I thought the seats had a heating system in them! But no.. It was just me! I would get the same thing sometimes when I'm driving my car! It would lasat for seconds or a minute! Its soo weird I can't explain it. Now after my baby I have been having high blood pressure for no reason! 160/110 they gave me shots to lower! But still don't know why it keeps going up. Lately the heat in my back-chest , light heade , some tingling and cooldness in my hands and feet, I feel sudden sharp pain in random places like my ribs, stomach, chest, leg.. For seconds and it goes away! When I sleep I can hear and feel my heart pounding! I tried searching my sysmptoms they're sooo many! I coudlnt find anything! I feel soo alone in this and its depressing me. I'm 28 , no health problems at all! I just want some answers. Plz email me albaghli.***@**** thnxi
by DanScott, Jun 20, 2011
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by tag51, Jun 24, 2013
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