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High fever, high WBC
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High fever, high WBC

My sister sent a message earlier about my 16 month old daughter.  She spikes fevers anywhere from 101 to 105.5 at the highest I ever saw it.  I believe that they have ruled out menengitis, but not sure.  She was hospitalized back in January for 4 days, IV antibiotics were given along with high doses of tylenol and motrin.  She was still undiagnosed when we left the hospital.  They did blood tests, x-rays, etc. we talked about an appendicitis as well as UTI's and still nothing. So every couple of months we battle another fever and a couple of times she was diagnosed with ear infections, however, I think there is an underlying problem here.  The WBC will shift from looking bacterial to looking viral and according to the counts, neither seem to be very high, but they were elevated. One day to the next the total count went from 14.2 to 14.0, this was after a dose of Rocefin (sp?) injected into her thighs.  She has no other symptoms other than a fever and they are pretty high. Is it possible to have something undiagnosed and still run high fevers like this.  I guess when there is no explanation, it tends to freak you out a little, but I am strong and want to get to the bottom of this.  Should I be seeking a second opinion or what types of questions can I ask her pediatrician?  Please help, I am at a loss right now and want to know what to do to help my daughter, she cannot tell me if anything hurts.  Thanks so much!
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Are you out of state/country? Usually Mom knows her little
bundle's actions more than anyone. If sis' is day sitting, you
have a great sister. There's confusion on the 14 WBC #. States/
country/hospital/labs don't all use the same # ratio-range.
They work w/ a close variance though. My state has wbc 4.0-11.0 within normal range. Elevated WBC can be serious or mean
almost nothing unless there's a bigger picture. There is such a
condition called 'Fever of Unknown Origin' & common in kids.
Since she was hospitalized once, get copies from them to see
if they left anything out to you & start a file/journal of
when this happens to form a pattern. Fevers spike w/ infection
& kids build immune cells during that time also. At 16mo. you
& Dr can see by holding/poking if it hurts. 105 would be a
scare but depends on thermometer. Many auto-in-ear types are
off sltly. Rectal seems most accurate & I'm sure Ped-MD ck'd
too. Elev. could be kidney to simple inflammation some place.
If repeated ear infections + runny nose, often an eartube will
help more than antibiotics. If nothing else, just do what Dr
probably said. Cool down w/ cold clothes w/ less clothing & try
to stay calm/norm. around them or they can pick up stress &
get confused which will confuse you. Popsicles are great for
them because they hydrate/pacify/cause sucking of tubes in the
throat to pop ears. They probably did a urine test to ck other
things too. It's a wait & see/watch/trust DR. Soups/crackers/
fluids & then if they stay down, just watch for ear pulling &
the eyes. Mom knows through the childs eyes of feelings. Gd-luck

my son on saturday night went into the emergency room with a high fever of 105 with bllod work done and spinal tap as well still un known results everything on the test is fine his wbc is very very high normal is 15,000 and his was at 29,000 she called in anthoer blood test for this wesnesday I saw the listing below this and saw'll is was almost the same he is 11 months they wanted to admit him but let him go because fever has dropped fever has not came back since saturday is in very good spirits and has a great appitate although I was cursious if there was vominting with the 16 month old girl month son did vomit once but dr said he could have been because of fever I would like to know what this unknown cause of fever means .. any advice would be great thanks
My 5 yr old son went to er on Sept 29th for a headache and fever. Dr's did blood work and his wbc was 24 - normal is 4-11. Also did a spinal tap which was normal. They thought maybe it was just a virus....Has been fine since...but tonight at bed time he told me when he closes his eyes to sleep he feels "dizzy".
I also have a young one that has been fighting a high white blood count that they doctor keeps saying is viral. His WBC is 34 and its been 2 weeks now. I wasn't much worried until he spiked a 14.9 fever this morning and I took him back to the doctor this morning when Sister age 4 had been diagnosed with Strep. Thinking he could have strep asked the doctor to test him when he just rolled his eyes and said kids under 2 can't get strep but wouldn't offer an explanation. Still his fever his high and they took his blood count still high and gave me no other explanation then its just common sense that your son is fighting a viral still and I must be a first time mother with the internet at my finger tips and I said well you might be half right but if it wasn't obvious your fighting dementia then you would see Bryce has a 4 year old sister who is fighting Strep throat that you diagnosed! ok so I understand he see's plenty of people a day but really I mentioned it at the beginning of the appt and he obviously didn't listen. OK getting off track basically they are knocking this two week spike in WBC on Viral infection should I be worried my doctor isn't doing what he can or should I get a second opinion which would not be from a ped but from a normal doc because that is all thats left in this town.
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