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Hip Problems/Femur Head Problems
My mother has been battling with pain in her left hip for the past couple of years.  She has been to the doctor numerous times and they came to the conclusion that it was due to the steroids in her asthma pump.  They operated because they saw hairline fractures in her femur bone and hip, and they grafted her bone into the holes.  That surgery was unsucessful.  She just recently got surgery to have a hip replacement, but when the doctor told her how the surgery went, he said that the bone they took out was not at all damaged and was fully intact.  What other things could this be, the doctor seems to not understand why the bone looked to be shaved flat in the x-ray, but when he looked at it during surgery and took it out, the femur head was round. Please if someone can give an idea of what this could be about.  It would be unsettling if we found she just had a piece of her body taken out that didn't have to be.
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