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I do not sweat?
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I do not sweat?

This has been an ongoing thing since I was 16 (or at least when it starting being an issue). When i would play sports heavilly -- such as soccer -- I would not sweat. Even drinking plenty of water would not produce it. Any physical activities involving alot of movement over a period of time, lifting, or stretching for time longer than 30 min, I find where i assume I should be sweating I do not.

What happens in a general order if I continue my activities longer than 30 min (ie: such as mowing a front yard):

1. My skin turns pink/red
2. White bubble-like dots appear on my skin (i am assuming they would be sweat) they are fairly solid and when rubbed, roll together into blackish grundge.
3. My temples throb
4. I grow nautious
5. If I am trying to drink water, I throw it up
6. If no water, I have dryish sounding coughing fits

my body:
I am 5' 4", weight is roughly 190 pounds. i am female.  I drink about 2 quarts of water a day currently (I am on a diet, 4 weeks ago I was around 210 pounds).

They all sweat very heavily in physical activities. the older of my two younger sisters burns easily, the younger tans very easily. I tend to stay fairly yellow in skin tone. My mother has thyroid issues and i was tested for it in the past but it came back as myself being alright.

I occassionally take an inhailer for asthema in fall and spring when polen and dust from leaves is an issue. Otherwise maybe ibruphen for headaches and cramps for the period.

I am not certain this enough information. But hopefully it is.  My question is: is this something I have to see a specialist about or a normal doctor - and if a specialist, which kind? Thank you in advance.

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I would suggest a teaching hospital. You have an unusual "package" of symptoms. At teaching hospitals a senior physician shows up with a half dozen or so tadpoles and your case becomes a "group" project.  The diagnosis becomes part of the teaching process. You have an extremely interesting set of symptoms, sure to provoke interest.
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Decreased or absent sweating is called anhidrosis.It may be caused in autonomic neuropathy like diabetes,alcoholism,Sjogren’s syndrome(an autoimmune disease causing inflammation and decreased secretions by certain glands of the body) and Ross syndrome(a peripheral nerve disorder) ; skin conditions like hidradenitis suppurativa ;medicines like anticholinergics,tricyclic antidepressants and some antipsychotic;genetic disorder(hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia) and dehydration.

I feel that a clinical evaluation and investigations are needed in confirming a diagnosis.Pls consult a physician/neurologist for the same.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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I've been having similar conditions for over a year now.  Except for when I do vigorous exercise or being in the heat or mild heat for a while, my heart will start racing and I feel tired.  I've been going to cardiologists, endocrinologist and they couldn't find anything wrong with me through all the testing.  Finally, a neurologist told me that I need to go to the Mayo Clinic.  They specialize in treating such conditions with proper equipment and evaluation tests.  I hope they'll be able to find the cause so that I can get started on the treatment soon.  I will post later to let you know how things go!
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My daughter is 22 and does not sweat and has not since birth. She has a lush, full head of hair and good teeth, so the derm said it's probably not ED. She has little hair on arms/legs, and very fair skin, is hypersensitive to bright light, loud noise, startles very easily. She also has some behaviors/traits that are reminiscent of Aspergers.  She was tested for Sojrens (sp?), and lupus repeatedly - negative. She is shorter than normal (given her shoe size, we thought she'd be at least 5'9 but she's just barely 5'4"), has very high ( >1:640 speckled diffuse) ANA on at least three different test samples. She's been seen by neurologist, dermatologist, three endocrine guys, mitochondrial guy,  been tested for Fabrys, been to a geneticist, two rheumatologists, cardiologist. Nobody can say what is going on. She cannot exercise for any length of time without A/C blowing straight on her. She can stationary bicycle for about 8 miles, but can't walk 1/2 mile on the treadmill.  She gets tendon pains for no reason that seem to bounce from place to place. She has some problems with maintaining her BP, so they've decided she may have POTS (no testing done, just from symptoms). She has hypermobile joints, but not badly. The current diagnosis is idiopathic anhidrosis with dysautonomia and BJHS. About two years ago she passed out and had a seizure, was taken to the ER, they did MRI, CAT scan, eeg, nothing found. About three years ago she developed what they think is type II diabetes and got high cholesterol. Both are under control with meds and exercise, plus healthy diet. Does any of this ring any bells with anyone? We need to know what is going on - she has to stay in the house under the A/C in her room for three months of the year, can't stand on her feet for any length of time or she faints, she's having brain fogs and memory probs that got her fired from her last job. We don't know where to go with this next.
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