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ITP, high ast, low glob, high a/g ratio, and ....
Since August 2004 I have had ITP - low platelets that range between 70 and 120  (this past week 112).. thus not overly low compared to those who need infusions or meds but still a concern and the reason for them has never been established.

I used to have extremely high AST values that in 2007 normalized but now are just a bit high, like 5pts above the recommended. ALT levels tend to stay very normal though back a few years ago would get high. I do not drink alochol but maybe a couple times a year and not much then. Even before 2004 I did not drink regularly or much at any one time.

New in the past few weeks is a low globulin with a high a/g ration - these are usually not seen with ITP from the research I have done so it is one of the main areas that has me curious.

Add in a painful ganglion cyst that formed this past weekend on my wrist (not good for being a massage therapist or for working at a food establishment).

I have been considered borderline diabetic but it mights as well be diabetic as over the years I have not had a below 100 glucose when fasting.

I am overweight but have lost over 60lbs that has stayed off since 2004 when I had gained more than that in a 3mo period. I do work to keep active but have not been so the past month as I am in my last semester of Grad School and working part-time.

If people have suggestions of other tests I should ask my doctor about (no insurance just basic coverage from being a student which actually works quite well for me) or research I might check into it would be greatly appreciated.
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