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I'm fed up of tests.
Hi, i am a 33 year old woman i have pcos, pkd and hypermobilty. Three years ago i was really poorly with what i thought was flu i was in bed for three weeks. Since then i suffer night sweats, run a temperature, migraines that last for days, i feel tired and exhausted no matter how much i sleep.i get achy legs and pain in my left hip daily, I get lots of infections and end up on antibiotics, i have funny little wart like spots come up on the palm of my hands and face, the are tiny like a pin head.swollen lymph nodes on and off, but a hard lump behind my ear. I have the implant and am on the pill as i suffer with heavy bleeding, they stopped my periods altogether to begin with now i bleed randomly and i never really stop but its very light and brown, Sex is painful and i generally bleed afterwards. oh and i have a kidney stone and hae to take tablets daily to stop heartburn.
Now my doctor has given me blood tests for everything it seems and i have had a PET scan,ultrasounds, xrays and a CT scan and all they have found is that a cyst on my kidney was abnormal but they said this wouldnt cause my symptoms. I am now waiting an appointment with hematology for more tests i guess. But i really just wanna know if anyone else suffers the same and if they have any answers.
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