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I'm feeling light headed, dizzy, cold, and vertigo daily now. What...
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I'm feeling light headed, dizzy, cold, and vertigo daily now. What can it be?

I've had anxiety attacks over the past two years, three of which were so bad I went to the hospital.  I have talked to my doctor about it, did a complete check up with a blood test, and he didn't find anything unusual.  I've had my blood tested two other times last year, and did a full heart test with an echo, stress echo, and doppler test, wore a heart monitor for two weeks, and the cardiologist said I'm 100% physically healthy as well.  During the last week I've been feeling very slight symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis, dizzy spells, vertigo, feeling very nervous, sometimes my vision goes slightly dim, my hands get very cold, and I feel like I'm about to hyperventilate but it doesn't quite go full blown.  
I went back to my doctor last week and he ruled out blood sugar or IBS and he said I just have general anxiety and that I am thinking too much about it.  But I'm concerned because it's happening on a daily basis now, just very slightly.  Should I get a second opinion?  
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Hi slug214.
A second opinion is only good as the doctor behind it.
It seems that something has been missed/overlooked.

There a few things to get ruled out.
Nutritional  and  mineral deficiencies must be 100% ruled out.
I trust that your doctor(s) have ruled out important ones like low iron status, B-complex,vitamin D, however, I will point out some likely discrepancies.

In an iron panel, should some of the findings be in the lower side of the so-called normal lab range,  should followed up in order to establish a trend.
If it's a downward trend, then a serious upcoming imbalance like anemia can be prevented. BTW, a healthy thyroid depends on healthy iron status.
More on thyroid issues later.
Vitamin D- when levels are in the low "normal" lab ranges (I consider this a subclinical deficiency) it may causing issues. And when levels are "normal"
vitamin D resistance must be ruled out. Obesity, low cholesterol, vitamin d
resistance polymorphism are some of the main causes of VDR.  
In B-complex B12 cobalamin and folate levels have nothing to do with
neurological levels, yet doctors will say that your levels are fine. Really?
Methylcobalamin and Methylfolate (the corresponding neurological forms of these) could be deficient, specially if the regular forms of these are high!
An MMA AND Homocysteine CSF test are needed to rule this out.

Also tissue magnesium levels should be tested, however, conventional doctors usually only check serum levels, which is actually kind of meaningless as most of the people (up to 80%) are tissue magnesium deficient-serum deficiency is extremely rare, since magnesium is tightly controlled in serum to about 1%.

Hypothyroidism has been implicated in anxiety, vertigo, dizziness.
Neurotransmitter regulation depends on  healthy thyroid function.
Gaba, serotonin, norepiphrenine etc. get dysregulated due to low thyroid function, causing anxiety, panic attacks and many other symptoms.
Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 for low thyroid function are usually not ordered by doctors and the standard conventional tests T3, T4 and TSH
only indicate serum levels, not function.
Anxiety can also be caused by hyperthyroidism.

If hypo and hyperthyroid are ruled out, a Neurotransmitter assessment
is recommended. Any testing available would be too costly, as it is generally reserved for pharmaceutical R&D, for the development of psych and antidepressant drugs.  

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Yes I would I had them whenI was younger and never got treated went in to a full blown panic attack had to go to the hospital. Do the ssem to be getting worse I would.
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In this case, I would wonder about the vertigo - you could have an inner ear problem causing this, thus, nervousness.  Ask your doc about this, and maybe a referral to an ear-doctor is in order.
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