Intermittent Hot and Cold, Feverish, Fatigue, and So On
by hotandcoldand, Oct 02, 2006
For 2+ years I have been suffering from this thing suffering from his thing where a lot of the time I feel like I'm getting a cold, my energy level is awful, I get hot and cold, and sometimes I sweat profusely. It sort of comes for a few weeks in varying degrees and then goes and then a couple months later it happens again.

There usually is no other symptom of a cold or flu.

Prior to this whenever I would get a cold or whatever in the years before, these things would happen as well, and would outlast the cold.

I have had bloodwork done twice and it comes up with nothing.

I am otherwise healthy and in decent shape, planning on running NY Marathon next month.

Any suggestions would be great
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by Speedoguy, Oct 03, 2006
I had the same condition as you discribed have a blood test and see if you have a virus in your blood work for glandular fever ect,and don't ignore this find yourself a doctor who understands chronic fatigue sydrome/m.e.
by GravesLady, Oct 03, 2006

I don't know what causes this but every so often I experience just about the same where I feel like I'm getting a cold or flu and my energy level is down. I experience fatigue, dizziness, malaise and sometimes low-grade temperature. Although nothing father develops. I feel like (and blame) my immune system is down or adrenals are very low.  I think my diet (low glycemic/carbs) routine doesn't help either. Sometimes I feel so bad I wouldn't care if I died, and, that's a pretty bad feeling.  However, I do have an autoimmune disorder(s). Other than proper nutrition and mega vitamins, I assume I just have to live with it, for it's only once in a while and doable, so far!

Have you had your adrenal's checked out - how about (autoimmune disorders)thyroid, lupus, etc.(?)  White blood cells (immune defense system).

Running NY Marathon next month you are doing GREAT!  Good Luck!
by GravesLady, Oct 03, 2006
Thank you for the URLs. I did checked them out.

As having an autoimmune disorder, I am aware of CFIDS although never tested for it.  My autoimmune disorder share a lot of the same symptoms as CFIDS. Hormonal dysfunctionsuch as thyroid and adrenal disorders can cause CFS-like symptoms, as can several other known endocrine disorders.

However I am keeping an open mind and if symptoms come on more often than I can handle I will certainly have it checked out as I go to doctor on a regular bases for my autoimmune disorder.

Thanks again, I appreciate your input.

by sthatten, Apr 04, 2009
I have had bouts of sweating, feeling hot then cold, can't focus, feeling restless, then tired, difficulty sleeping sometimes, but had no colds or flus for a few years and generally think I am healthy. Can be okay for a few days and then it can strike for a day or a few hours or go through a few weeks of this condition. I generally feel tired and unmotivated most days. I do feel energised when I am active or busy doing something I enjoy, but I tend to sweat and go through the hot cold cycling. I had blood work done two years ago because of feeling really tired and like I had to just drop off to sleep quickly sometimes. I get very ill tempered when I need to sleep and my partner wants to talk or watch something for a little longer because when I get that need to go to sleep it is sudden. The bloodwork showed nothing abnormal.
I don't really know what to make of it. I shower more frequently because of the sweating. I can feel cold and put a jacket on and then feel too hot. Traveling in the car is interesting. I keep on changing the tempreature gage. I feel cold easily but can feel overheated quickly. I am in my early 40s about 165lbs and 5' 6". I work full time.

This is something new to me about 30 months ago. Any suggestions thoughts?

by michaelru, May 24, 2009
I have been going through exactly the same symptoms which is extremey stressful to me and cause anxiety attacks.
My MD believes that since all the test results came back OK that I am
suffering from anxiety disorders and I am now taking cipralex.
I hope that this will help getting out of this cycle.
Good luck - I'll post again once I have more answers.