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Large Painful Lump on Neck
About 2 weeks ago I woke up and my head was hanging off the bed. Both sides of my neck were swore. Not too bad. The next night I slept on the floor and when I awake both sides were really sore and i had a bad headache. Both sides were sore from back of ear down to the front collar bone. I know there is a musle that runs through there and thought I had a crick in my neck. After a couple of days of soreness and not being able to move my head without stretching pain I noticed a hard lump forming on the left side to the outside of where you check your pulse. The hard lump spread from there to under the ear and wrapped around neck. It swelled up and made my neck look deformed. After applying ice and heat for a couple of days the swelling went down and neck looked normal. Then 3 days later it began to get stiff again and began to swell. Now it is about the size of a fist, hard feeling, and hurts when I rub it, or press on it. It stretches the whole side of my neck when I turn my head, or lift it. I can feel a swelling all down the side of my neck, but majority of the swelling is up by the ear. I have no other symptoms besides worry. Since the last swelling it has not grown any  more nor has it strunk. It has been like that for 6 days now. The pain is releived with heating pad and ice pack. When it swelled the second time i rubbed it pretty hard and pressed on it to make the swelling go down. It make the neck look normal, but the swelling later return. I think that caused it to get really painful. It also feel warm when I place my hand over and sometimes it is red, but not often.

A week before this started we did go on vacation to the lake and I swam quite a bit. My dad says it could be swimmers ear, or ear infection. I have occasional ear aches, but they just hurt then the pain goes away. Doesn't last too long. I have also had a loss of appetite, but I think that is from the stress.

I hope that is everything. A lot has been on my mind lately. Thanks
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