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Leg ache and Factor V Leiden?
I am herterozygous for Factor V Leiden but have never had a DVT. However my father has had 3 strokes from this disorder. I am 24 years old and a healthy weight.

Sometimes (as in today) I have a dull ache in my leg. Today it is my left leg and there has been a dull ache and some tingling all day. The pain is very generalized and in no specific area (although it hurts in my thigh more than my calf). It is not a specific muscle or joint just an ache throughout my entire leg.

Once this aching (usually accompanied by very minimal swelling) went on for 3 days so I went to see the doctor at our Campus health center. He said it was not a blood clot and seemed unconcerned after some initial moving around of my leg and examination.

My question is, is this pain in any way related to Factor V Leiden and if not what could be causing it. It is not exercise, or obesity. I don't do strenous work. It does not seem to be related to any activity.

When I went to the doctor last time he gave a vauge answer about sitting too long and bruising of veins.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank You.
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