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Liquid filled head cyst
My five year old son has a cyst on the side of his head right above his right temple.  He's had a CT scan and the doctor said its a liquid filled cyst.  My son's had this since he was one when he fell and hit his head on his toy truck.  I thought it would be like most mild head injuries and go away but it never did.  Around the time he turned three he started complaining about headaches.  He also started becoming very self-conscious about it to where he refused to get a hair cut.  Even now he'd wake up and complain of a headache and refuse to go to school saying his head hurts too much.  If he hits that part of his head a little too hard, it hurts him.  And he says he can't sleep on his right side because it'll make his head hurt.  The doctor said if we decide to remove it, he would cut around the bump, which is about 1.5 inch in diameter and sticks out about .75 inch, and basically pop the cyst.  I'm very scared to go through with the operation and also scared not to.  What are all the risks involved with and without the operation?  He's a bright child.  What if something happens during the surgery?  I've heard of people having strokes during surgery.  What if we do and the cyst returns?  Should I do it?  I'm so confused and scared I don't know what to do.  Please help.
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