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Lost/reduced sensations

8 weeks ago (beginning of October) when i was in hospital in a neurology ward for headaches i started to loose some sensation above my elbow, thought it was nothing then i started to loose some feelings in my toes and heels, occasionally get tingly fingers and lost a small patch of feeling in my thigh, then this week the small patch that was above my elbow extended to the tip of my shoulder all this has gradually developed over the 8 weeks not all happening at the same time.

It feels painful sometimes and kinda burns and itches but if i was to touch the area affected the sensation isn't the same as it used to be or the same as it feels on the other arm etc it feels duller and numb.  

I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma July which has caused havoc with my cortisol, growth hormone and causing me headaches, could any of this be related?
I was in hospital in august for 3 weeks for headaches too, i had two lumber punctures in august and then had 3 more in October, i know nerve damage could be a result from the lumber punctures but the loss of sensation didn't happen until well after the first 2 lumber punctures and started before my other 3.

Anyone have a similar experience or know why im having these reduced feelings?
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