Low BUN count?
by borninquisitive, Oct 05, 2006
I am wondering, for those who have a low BUN count or those who have a good, personal understanding of this, when a CBC count is within normal, save for BUN (low) can this genuinely mean anything?

Since August of last year, I have had a low BUN count (to note: cholesterol was bad in 04/05 and is good in 06).
It (BUN) dropped even further in April.
Docs/lab technicians seems to either think this is good or means nothing. I have read that it can be due to malabsorption. Of course, what we read may not pertain to us, in absence of other abnormal counts?

Malabsorption concerns me because inadequate nutritional absorption, can cause many problems-I think.

Your thoughts?

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by GravesLady, Oct 05, 2006
From what I have read and understand, low BUN levels are not common and are not usually a cause for concern. They may be seen in severe liver disease, malnutrition, increased pituitary activity and sometimes when a patient is overhydrated (too much fluid volume). Very low-protein, high carbohydrates diets can cause an abnormally low BUN.
by georgie439, Oct 05, 2006
Hi Guys, I also have been having a low Bun, for past 2 years,
I see that a high carb diet low protein can result in this.
I have gained 50 lbs in past 2 years and yes alot of bad carbs, they have been probably 80% of my diet, I know I have to get off my A___!!!!    Thank-you.......georgie
by lhowell, Oct 05, 2006
Hiya...my doc told me that a low BUN count is great.  There's cause for concern when it's high.

Doesn't make sense to me because there is a low range (why have a low range if it's good to be under it?)  *Shrug*  I dunno...but he assured me it's a good thing. :)
by borninquisitive, Oct 06, 2006
My diet pretty much consists of everything, both good and bad. I don't over-eat, nor under-eat.

As for protein, probably fall right in the middle. Though when I do eat red meat (venison & moose), they have a higher protein level than beef. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed in my diet to lower my BUN level.

>Hiya...my doc told me that a low BUN count is great. There's cause for concern when it's high.<

This is what I've been told, too.

>Doesn't make sense to me because there is a low range (why have a low range if it's good to be under it?)<

This was also my thought.  

As for pituitary. Hmm. Well, my hormones have run amuck and am experiencing things similiar to peri-menopause. For a time there, a number of Doctors were thiniking my thyroid but my TSH levels remain within the normal range. Aug. 05: 1.54 Jan. 06: 1.19 and Aug. 06: 2.1

I'm going to have to try to get my act together and post my year long symptoms.

by Lori707, Jul 31, 2008
I've been sick for almost a year. Found out I have ulcerative colitis/crohns disease..but not bad. I don't have the usual diarreah. I've lost 46lbs.without trying since mid Feb'08. I eat fish,turkey and chicken and other good veggies and fruits. My fasting glucose is getting a bit too high for my liking. I don't have malabsorption problems. But yet in the past couple months, my bun and bun/creatinine ratio have been low. My creatinine serum is okay.  Had my thyroid labs checked and they're fine. But I do have a constant high calcium serum count for the past several years. (I don't take calcium suppliments or eat dairy products). That scares me. I've just gotten out of 2 major hospitals for workups. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME...yet I'm still sick. I really feel that more is going on with me than my stomach problems.
Help please before I waist away to nothing! Any ideas out there?