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Low Iron Saturation
I had a iron level of 56 and iron sat of 19  Three days ago today it is a 18 for the iron and a 5 for the sat. My ferritin is 544 it went up from 466. i do get iron transfusions off and on, but it was staying up nicely for 2 months. I have a major infection though right now fever of 101. and my wbc's are 14.3 and I am a little dehydrated. I read somewhere when the iron feels its threatened in your body that it stores itself somewhere is this the reason for the low iron sat and iron?My TIBC is 335, transferring is 239 my hct and hgb are fine but the rbc's  are .19 low which is nothing for me. I have been having bad cramps lately in the ; legs and hands in the feet in the toes like spasms almost. They have now since went away but that was going on for 2.5 weeks. I have thin blood as well.
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