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Low RBC count and high Iron
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Low RBC count and high Iron

My blood test results:  on 8/18/09       on 9/03/09

Platelets                         237                 230           (x10E3/uL) Range 140-415  
WBC                              4.9                   5.3            (x10E3/uL) Range 4.0-10.5  
RBC                               3.37 Low        3.26 Low   (x10E6/uL)  Range 3.80-5.10
Hemoglobin                   12.7                12.5           (g/dL) Range 11.5-15.0          
Hematocrit                     36.6                35.8           (%) Range 34.0-44.0                            
MCV                               109  High       110  High  (fL)  Range 80-98
MCH                               37.6 High       38.2 High  (pg) Range 27-34                              
MCHC                            34.6                34.9           (g/dL) Range 32-36
RDW                              14.9                14.5           (%) Range 11.7-15.0

ALT (LIVER)                  54    High        N/A            (IU/L)  Range 0-40
TSH (THYROID)           4.65 High        N/A            (uIU/mL) Range 0.450-4.500
Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy   24.5 Low         N/A            (ng/mL) Range 32-100

IRON Serum                  171 High         157 High  (ug/dL) Range 35-155
IRON Saturation %        65   High          58  High  (%)  Range15-55
TIBC                               263                  271           (ug/dL) Range 250-450
UIBC                               92   Low          114 Low   (ug/dL)  Range 150-375

FERRITIN Serum           N/A                  175           (ng/mL) Range 10-291
Reticulocyte Count         N/A                   2.3           (%)  Range 0.5-3.0

Vitamin B-12 serum        N/A                  626         (pg/mL) Range 211-911
Folate serum                   N/A                  16.9        (ng/mL) Range >5.4

Could I have Hemochromatosis and it is causing my low red blood cell count?
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Welcome to the forum!
Low RBC with high iron and iron saturation should be investigated for hemochromatosis, thalssemia, hemolytic anemia, and liver disease. It would be good to consult a hematologist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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