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Low grade fever for over a month & chills
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Low grade fever for over a month & chills

Over a month ago I developed a sinus infection, congestion fever. Took a zpak, felt good while on it. The day I stopped I started to feel crummy and the fever came back. Went back to the dr after 10 days and I tried levaquin 500mg for three days, on the third day I really lost my appetite, and was shaking/shivering with chills. So the next day the dr switched to clindamycin 300mg and prednisone. I started to feel a little better 2 days in, but any time I would do anything (laundry, dishes) my fever would pop back up to 99.9 (I normally run below 98.5). I Was a healthy 32 yr old mom of 2 kids under 4years of age. I've basically been unable to do anything (cook, take the kids to school, go to work..) the fact that I'm still having chills/whole body shivering freaks me out. All of my blood work has come back normal, I even had a lumbar puncture that was negative. I just want to know what's causing me to have an elevated temp, causing all this fatigue and chills! Drs all think it's viral. But almost a 2 month long virus is doing this to me? And I've been resting all this time! Hopefully someone else has gone through this?
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I have had similar this year I am feeling better now but I felt it was a virus going round that was recurring, then I checked out CFS as the symptoms are similar .I still do not know but it seems to be getting better,
Margy, how long did you have this fatigue, fever, and chills for?
Hello ConstantFevermom,

I'd like to ask you several questions in order to help find a possible cause.

1. Travel history?

2. What is your Occupation?

3. Family medical history?(Please list every known condition of family member)

4. What, if any, animals have you been around?

5. What's your diet like?

6. Is the fever constant every moment of every day or intermittent?

7. Any localized pain?

8. Any discomfort in any part of the body?

9. If so, where is the discomfort?

10. Any unintentional weight loss?

11. Any loss of appetite?

12. Any night sweats?

13. Any headaches?

14. Any muscle pain?

15. Any joint pain?

16. Any rashes?

17. Any diarrhea?

18. Have you noticed any "oily" feces?

19. Any abdominal discomfort?

20. Past and/or current medical history?(Please list any condition you have had or still have)

21. Do you have an HIV infection?

22. Do you have Diabetes?

23. Any use of immunosuppressant's?

24. Any known structural heart disorders?

25. Any known urinary tract abnormalities?

26. History, if any, of surgeries or operations?

27. History, if any, of device insertions?(eg. IV lines, pacemakers, etc.)

28. All past and present medications?

29. Illicit drug use, if any, within the past year?

30. Any injection drug use?

31. Any high-risk sexual practices?(eg. multiple partners, unprotected sex etc.)

32. Tobacco use?

33. Alcohol history?

34. Do you have cachexia?(This is known as muscle loss, fatigue, weakness, loss of weight and appetite)

35. Do you have jaundice?(This is known as yellowish skin, or sometimes just yellow eyes)

36. Do you look pale?

37. Any localized skin redness that disappears while being pressed on?

38. Any noticeable rashes?

39. Any cicada bites on fingertips or toes?(These are red nodules or lumps that are painful to the touch, and are warm.)

40. Any bleeding-type of painless macules on palms or soles of hands or feet?(Macules are flat, and can be any color. eg. freckles, flat moles, patches, etc.)

41. Any lesions under the nails that may look bloody?

42. Are your teeth painful to the touch?

43. Any noticeable swollen lymph nodes?(Most commonly around the neck, and armpits)

I know there's a lot of questions, but fever's with an unknown origin, such as your chronic fever, or any type of abnormal fever usually require a lot of questioning or examining because it is a very common symptom of many conditions, and is also a very common side effect of many drugs.

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