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Lumps/Knots On Shins
I have arthritis due to a bad accident I had almost 16 years ago which left me with a damaged left leg and a lot of hardware in that leg.  Also, due to the damage, and my desk job, I get edema in my legs between the ankle and the knee.  I normally wear moderate compression stockings, but I'm a hard fit and the old pair is falling apart so I am awaiting a replacement pair.  

Friday was particularly bad.  I didn't have much opportunity to get up and move around, and I didn't have the stockings on.  My legs got very swollen.  They hurt.  I got home, and immediately put my feet up, and the fluid drained after a few hours.  This is when I noticed the shin pain.  I get shin pain off and on, and I've always blamed it on the edema and my arthritis, plus it is cold this time of year, making the stiffness and joint pain worse.  I shrugged it off and went to bed, feet elevated.

When I woke up on Saturday, the shin pain was still there.  I ran my hand up my left shin, and there I discovered - about halfway up - a hard lump.  I've had superficial phlebitis in that leg before, so I figured that's what it was, and put myself into my stockings.  I had pain off and on all morning, and the lump was sore when it was pressed.  When I got home, I put my feet back up, and put a heating pad on the lump, which is what I was instructed to do with the phlebitis, but instead of flattening out like the phlebitis did, it made the lump harder and more prominent.  Now instead of being oblong, it was like a marble under the skin.  I applied heat packs a few more times during the day with the same result.

Sunday Morning I woke up with shin pain.  The lump was still there, and I discovered a 2nd lump in the EXACT SAME spot on the right leg.  It's a little smaller, but it's there, and is also a tender hard lump.  This got me thinking that perhaps I may have done something to my shins, like bumped them or pinched them in the car door (that happens sometimes - the door closes when I'm trying to get out).  I can't remember doing anything, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen - perhaps it just didn't hurt at the time and so I just don't remember.

We're in the process of switching insurance, so I won't be able to go to the doctor right away without some effort.  I don't believe this to be a DVT.  It's right below the skin surface.  It's not hot to the touch.  The leg isn't unusually swollen, or hot, or red.  I'm also not sure it's phlebitis, because heat made it "stand up" more.  It felt good, but the swelling increased, not decreased.  I haven't tried ice on it, but I have been taking Aleve.

The lumps are hard.  They're not squishy.  If you poke at them, they hurt, like you're poking a fresh and nasty bruise, only a little sharper.  They move slightly, but not much, if you push at them.  I was looking online and Erythema Nodosum kept coming up, and a lot of it fits (especially the hormonal issues), but these lumps aren't red.  They have no color at all.  I even briefly considered cat scratch disease because my cat has scratched me - twice - in the past week, but once was in the arm, and the other time was above the knee.  Also, I am not running a fever.

Quick background: I have a desk job but try to move as often as I can.  I have edema in both legs between the knee and ankle due to a bad accident that required leg reconstruction.  I have type 2 diabetes (oral medication controlled) and it's reasonably controlled.  I am considered morbidly obese, but I am working at losing weight.  I have PCOS, and was on Birth Control Pills for almost 20 years before finally quitting them last year.  I was tired of being on them, tired of some of the side effects, and scared after the superficial phlebitis issue, but my hormones are always out of whack.  Being off the pill, my cycle comes every 6 weeks on it's own, is very painful, and lasts about 3 days.  In 1996, I literally broke the left foot off of the leg.  I have 8 screws (I had 9 and one was removed), a plate, and a pin.  I have circulation issues in that leg, but I get regular exams, and have been told that the pulse is good in that foot and leg, and I show no signs of any neurpoathy.

Again, I know things can't be diagnosed over the internet, but any thoughts until I can get to a doctor would be appreciated.
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