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Memory blackouts
Since the start of last year I have been suffering from random periods of memory blackouts. The first time it happened for example, I was in the supermarket with my brother then the next thing I knew I was coming out of the public bathroom with no memory of in between. After talking with my brother I apparently asked him where the toilet was even though I know very well where the bathrooms are and then asked him to show me. I apparently looked quite spaced out during the whole thing aswell. Since then it has gone from happening once a month or so, to on average several times a week now, and are generally between 3-5minutes.
I have them at university, at work, home, and there never seems to be a common thread. They seem completely random, and I sometimes claim that I feel sick when people ask me if I'm feeling alright during them. In November last year I had one whilst driving and had a car accident in which I didnt stop at a red light. I had no memory of the whole accident. I have seen multiple doctors and specialists over the past years and none have been able to diagnose or provide me with a solution. Any help whatsoever in relation to this condition is greatly appreciated as I really want my life back. message me on this or email: marky_mark1990***@****
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