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Mumps in Adult? Mono for second time?
I've had the most horrible burning sore throat for almost a week now, along with periodic headache, severe fatigue, loss of appetite, joint pains (a lot more than normal for me), periodic fevers, chills and extremely swollen and sore glands in my neck/throat.

I went to an urgent care facility the day before yesterday (was unable to get in to see my family physician) and the doc there strongly felt I had strep throat.  She did not do a throat culture as their lab person was not in yet, so her "diagnosis" was based only on my symptoms and physical exam.

She prescribed me an antibiotic (Ceftin) and a "magic mouthwash" gargle that is lidocaine based to help numb my throat as it is so very painful to swallow - even drinking water brings tears to my eyes.  she also told me to continue with the tylenol and salt water gargles that I had been doing before I saw her.  I've now been on the medication since Thursday morning and I am no better (except for a slight improvement of my headache) - some things are worse - my throat is getting more and more sore (if that's possible!), I've been having more chills, although my fever never registers above 101.4 (which is pretty high for me, as my "norm" is 97.4) and the glands in my neck and throat are getting more and more swollen and tender - it hurts to even turn my head - more so on the left side than the right, but both sides hurt BAD!  I was looking at my throat with a mirror and flashlight and I've got a LOT of white pockets on both sides of my throat (more on the left) and also a few on the left side of my tongue.

We are in the midst of a MAJOR snowstorm right now, where we could get 30 inches of snow, so at this point, it's impossible for me to get out to go to a doctor or hospital.  I highly doubt even an ambulance could get to me if I needed to call them.

My questions are:

a) is it possible to get the mumps as an adult (I'm 46) even if you were vaccinated against it as a child (I can't remember if I ever HAD the disease or just received teh vaccine)

b) I had a severe case of mono in my 20's and was hospitalized with it for a week.  Is it possible to get mono a second time, especially after having such a severe case the first time?

c) Are there any other "home remedy" type things I could try to soothe my throat, chills, sore and swollen glands, etc. until I'm able to get to a doctor?

d) At what point do I make the decision to possibly put others in danger by calling 9-1-1?  Right now I'm not having "difficulty" breathing, other than it being painful to do so (in my throat, not my chest).

Any and all suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.
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Yes, it is possible to get mumps as an adult. EBV causing mono is known to relapse and cause symptoms again especially if you have swollen glands. Other possibility is an associated severe gastric reflux. Home remedies you are trying already. Herbal teas, warm lemonade and drinking warm fluids like soups helps too.
If your fever is persisting, and sore throat increasing, it is better to consult a doctor ASAP. Hope this helps. Take care!
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