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Muscle Spasms and Stomach Pain
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Muscle Spasms and Stomach Pain

Hello, my name is Brad and I am a 23 year old male. Medicines that I take include fexofexidine (the spelling is wrong, but its generic allegra), and I also smoke marijuana daily. I have been dealing with muscle difficulty for almost 2 years now and my Dr is not doing much to help me. It all started out with muscle stiffness and spasms.My muscles hurt in my lower back mostly, however my arms and legs also felt tingly and they also got spasms. It wasn't to bad when it started out, and I thought I was just experiencing the typical back problems.  Soon after I decided to buy a new bed, thinking that maybe my bed is causing my discomfort. The bed didn't make a difference, and my symptoms were getting worse. After a year, I start to notice different symptoms including soar joints, especially in my shoulders and hips. During this time I had been visit my chiropractor periodically and he suggested that I should buy some orthotics suggesting that this could be the cause of the pain throughout my body if it wasn't aligned correctly. So I ended up buying them hoping that this would fix my problems however as I suspected it didn't. Also around this time I visited my family physician hoping he would have some answerers for me. I went in and complained about my muscles and told him that they hurt and that it almost feels as if they were lacking something. He sent me for blood work (not sure what exactly he had tested, but he stated that he tested everything that would have to do with muscles), and the blood work came back normal. So being more confused, I decided to wait it out alittle longer. After going back for a check up and talking to him further, he told me that this may be something to do with my nerves, and he set me up an appt for a neurologist. I thought that this was a good idea seeing that MS runs in my dad's side of the family. I visited the neurologist and he evaluated me by doing some motion tests, and he also conducted an EMG on me. The neurologist concluded that I didn't have a neurological disorder. So I waited alittle longer and the muscle symptoms were increasing getting worse. I woke up every morning with really soar muscles, joints, fatigue, and these symptoms were with me 95 percent of the time. Just when I though that I had be tortured enough, another symptom came. The new symptoms was pain in my stomach that hurt alot which started under my rib cage on my right side. My dr sent me for an Ultra sound of my stomach which came back fine and also a gall bladder function test which also came back fine. Since then even more symptoms have developed. The newer symptoms included very sensitive ears (only some days), and tingling almost shaking feeling throughout my body, my eyes having big red stripes going through them, very fatigue, spacisity, as well as my stomach hurting VERY badly. The pain in my stomach isn't just a selected area anymore, it goes throughout my entire stomach making it feel like there is an incredible amount of pressure. It hurts when I touch, and doing a sit-up is near impossible without alot of pain. When I feel my stomach it feels hard and lumpy in some spots with alot of pain. Just recently I demanded a cat scan and a MRI of the brain to rule out MS. I haven't been back to the Dr. yet to discuss it, however I called immediately to find out the results and the nurse told me they were normal.
Since multiple symptoms show up, I try to keep track of how I feel every day. I am not sure whether or not the symptoms of my muscles are related to why my stomach hurts so much. My muscles feel really weak now, and they knot up all the time after spasming for a day or two. My stomach is in alot of pain. I believe the two are related because one thing I have noticed is that they seem to come together. About one day every week or two I feel pretty good, where I have some energy and my body also feels good. The rest of the time is a struggle for me to wake up, go to work, and continue my life with everyday activities. I had been active all my life, and now I feel limited to what I can do.
I am posting this up because I need help, advise and a direction to go. I feel really pressure to have a diagnosis by Dec 31 because I have already paid my 500 dollar insurance deductible, and my new insurance starts then which isn't good at all. What kind of Dr's should I see, what should Dr's look for in my blood work, what tests should I do that I haven't already, do my symptoms sound familiar to someone? Any help is appreciated, My Dr doesn't really help me out much. He never returns my calls, the secretary never schedules my tests properly, and I need to start taking action on my own because it seems like my Dr is to busy for me and doesn't care that i'm in pain.

Thanks so much for reading all this,
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Some of the important causes of leg spasms are overextension of the muscles,overweight,prolonged standing during the day,dehydration, alterations in the balance of salts in the bloodstream (such as a high or low calcium, sodium or potassium level),neuropathy(esp in diabetes),hypothyroidism,peripheral vascular disease,nerve compression, and multiple sclerosis,spinal cord injury,cerebral palsy or stroke.

Pls discuss these opitions with your doctor.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case of any additional queries and how you are doing.

I believe, and remember I am not a doctor, you have a combination of several different symtoms (symptoms).

For one I believe the muscle cramping and pain can be related to potassium; sodium inbalance. The ratio should be 5 part potassium and 1 part sodium. Well look at all ingredients of packaged, canned foods and sauces, butter, cheese, and don't forget salt. Also be aware that mdications rob the body of potassium leaving you with high levels of sodium. My solution of dealing with this, as I believe almost everyone doesn't have enough potassium, is to use "no salt" as it it potassium based and you can get high doses of potassium this way. In addition to that avoid sodium/salt altogether.

Regarding the fatigue, I believe the acidity and alkalinity of the body will affect this if the body is too acidic. Most of all though get your Vitamin D levels checked as they have the power of allowing your cells to duplicate rapidly (if levels are low) allowing the body to create new mistakes ie. diseases and health problems.

For the joint pain you have sometimes I would take MSM with Glucosamine as they have a very strong affect on releasing joint pain. This vitamin combination will take maybe a month or longer to start helping but maybe sooner. None the less I think this will dramatically help you.

For your stomach upsets and sever pains I would recommend seeing a Naturopath as they treat a whole person trying to prevent the problems where as doctors usually just treat the symptoms. What I do know is L-Glutamine 2 or 3 x a day on an empty stomach does have a strong healing quality about it.

Again these are my suggestions from what I am familiar with and I do believe there could very well be additional problems here, but this is what I know. Good Luck
I cant believe you have most of the symptoms that I have,, i have normal potassium levels, Had smac 24 done, NOTHING is wrong in my blood,,, had a gall bladder scan, digestive timing scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy and all show normal... sometimes it feels like i have a baby in there moving around.. and if i bend a certain way, ouch,,, muscle cramps. My stomach is hard and sore to the touch sometimes...I dont have leg cramps, have a constant lower back cramp,, I dont take any meds .. I am a pharmacy tech and do 9 hour days on feet, no seats in pharmacy... let me know if you have been properly diagnosed... interested I am. thanks, bon
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