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Muscular skeletal problem or not?
I have pain across my upper chest; pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades; tingling in my arms and hands on both sides.

A couple of months ago I was in the hospital and had an x-ray and EKG and nothing was found and I was told to visit my Dr. I did and he told me it was a muscular skeletal problem and gave me painkillers. Problem is it has not gone away.

It occurs when resting and when in bed as well as when moving about. Is it muscular skeletal and if so, shouldn't it have gone away by now?

I have suffered depression before but that was about 5 years ago. I also have Cervical Spondylosis (*sp) diagnosed 3 years or so ago, which brings upper back pain that comes and goes. However I have never had any of the other symptoms before.

I was going to visit my Dr again, but concerned all they'll do is give me more ineffective pain killers.
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