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Mussel Weakness
I had a stroke 24 years ago at 49 and after a couple years I started working out on weight machine but after a few weeks I got stronger but then after a few months I was getting weaker and weaker than when I started out so I quit.  
Progress a few years and I needed a knee replacement and I started therapy.  I started doing exercises 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 and after a week at 50 the more I did the weaker I got to where I couldn't even do 20.  I had to stop.  I did 2 more knee replacement operation (one infection) and each time it was the same.  On the 3rd time I did my therapy at the hospital so they could see the problem I was having.  The Dr. Therapist told my Dr. that I was right and was getting weaker the more I did after about at the 50 level.  I have always been active since my stroke, taking friends shopping and running errands for people in need.
I went for Back therapy 4 months ago and they made me do leg and arm exercises and after 3 weeks of that I got so weak that I couldn't make it there and had to stop.  I now am so weak that I can hardly walk 10 feet without collapsing.  I live in a 3 story home and can hardly make a floor without resting.  I am beside myself cause all the Dr keep telling that all I need is more exercise and that makes me weaker.  I can hardly get out of the house now.  All I am is # to them.  I need a Dr. that understands my problem.  jt

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