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My labs are bad and I am really scared
Recently I developed chest pains, shortness of breath and palpitations after a 2 month cold where I took a Z pack which did not help and also my doctor felt I had a Urinarry Tract Infection even though my culture was negative. So he gave me Levaquin to treat the UTI and Cold. That workled but I developed The chest pains etc after taking. I have Mitral Valve problems since childhood . I took a treadmill stress test and the doctor said all is well, same old Mitral Valve problems and today prescribed a beta blocker to take only when I have chest pains. I had labs in Jan. My wbc was low at 3.6 and as of 1 week ago it went lower to 2.3, RBC went from 4.17 to 3.78, carbon dioxide went from28 to 33, HCT was not tested in Jan but is now low 34.3, HGB is only 12.1, anion gap 13 now low 5, My Vit B12 level is very high at 1107, folic acid norm at 16.  I eat Sub lingual Vit b12 like candy. I am fatigue, have double vision but suspects it is nothing bad and, which the doc checked and ordered a mri of the brain. I have tremors, and cramping as well.  My glucose is 104, a little high , sed rate 7, hgb a1c in 2010 was 5.2 now 5.4,  I take 6 fiorocets a day. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am really scared about the labs especially when I am taking Vit E to up the wbc's and AHCC for my immune system.  I am on a lot of supplements . PLEEZ help
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This is a hepatitis C social forum.
I think you need to post this elsewhere.

I do know that vitamin E will not up your wbcs.
My liver doctor specifically told me not to take it.

You need a good doctor to help you.
Good luck.
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