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Neck pain, arm weakness, finger pain, temors,
Two months ago I started with Neck pain, shoulder pain, arm weakness and then it went to my finger bones hurting when I wake up and head or neck temors when I'm at rest. I've had an xray that showed nothing and MRI that showed I didn't have a herniated disk but because of the tremors I seem to have when I lay down, the rest wasn't viewable due to motion. I went to the emergency room last night and waited 3.5 hours and ended up leaving due to being able to just see a nurse who wanted to give me more pain medicine, not get to the bottom of what is wrong. I went to the E.D. because the pain in my neck seemed to climb up and make the back of my head feel numb and it also affected my ears with hearing and ringing and a pressure feeling. Still feeling all of this. I have an appt with a Spine Specialist Monday that was made weeks ago, even tho they don't know what is wrong with me. Something is severely wrong and the symptoms just keep stacking up. I'm frustrated, I'm tired of being in pain but I don't seem to be getting any closer to finding out what is wrong. Do you have any insight on what might be wrong and what kind of tests I should ask for next.
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