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Numbness Across Chest?
For the past month or so, i have been getting numbness accross my chest, mostly when I am in the bath, shower, or go swimming. But I notice it more when I dont have a shirt on at all. I think this might be anxiety, because I have also been suffering from a range of other symptoms such as:

Numbness in one side of my head, sometimes the other (rarely, this can occur across my whole head)
Strange clicking sound when I put my head down and move it from left to right
Light headedness
Panic feeling, and feelings of hyperactivity at the same time
ALWAYS thinking of and fearing death
random twitching of the body, mostly in my eyes

I went to a neurologist, who assured me that if I had a brain tumor, then the numbness would only be on one side of my body, not both, like in the case of my chest. (The numbness in my face and head can also vary from which side it effects)

I am rather scared and was wondering if my neurologist was correct by saying this about the numbness. Also, she has diagnosed me with suffering from panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Which seem to have dramatically decreased and gotten better with medical hypnosis tapes, relaxation, breathing techniques and general health tips. Also, the symptoms only ever seem to occur when Im bored, alone, in a public place without friends or when I am not occupied with something. And ALL of the symptoms near enough completely go away when i am having fun.

badically, was my neurologist correct in saying what she said about the numbness, and also, Is it likely the symptoms are simply anxiety?

If it helps, I am a 16 year old male, weighing 119 pounds, 5ft, 3 inches tall.
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A numbness that changes place can be either due to panic and anxiety attacks or due to hypothyroidism or diabetes. Hence get these two conditions ruled out. It could also be Vit B12 deficiency and hence this should be looked into. Your neurologist does appear to be on the right track. Take up yoga and meditation.
Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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