Numbness on both thighs (lap only)
by rhuck, Jan 14, 2006
For four years now, I have had numbness on the tops of my thighs. I can pinch the skin and it hurts, but when I grab a good chunk of my meat, the feeling is very slight. I have constant tingling in that same area. I have gone to the doctor, who said it might be a positioning problem where I sit or sleep funny and cause circulation to be decreased. My only problem with this is if I am cutting off circulation to my thighs, than why isnt the rest of my legs numb and tingling and why wont it go away? Please help. I am 23, don't smoke, don't drink and otherwise healthy. I am extremely baffled as to why I have this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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by rhuck, Jan 14, 2006
I also had a negative MRI for anything in my back that may have caused this. All my lab work came back norm except that I am a little anemic. I am at a loss as where to go next for help because I dont kno if it is circulatory, muscular, or nervous system related. I have two children, born early, so I was on bed rest to keep them in longer; however, I don't feel that these symptoms could be a sign of deep vein thrombi. Am I right in assuming this?
by rhuck, Jan 17, 2006
I am 5 2 and I weigh 115 lbs which is a little underweight. I dont wear too tight clothes and I cant wear low cuts because of my job. Is there anything else that could cause the iliac nerves to be compressed?
by Forum-M.D.-CM, Jan 18, 2006
go to Google on internet and enter meralgia paresthetica and read to see if it describes your symtoms. They mention pregnancy as a cause of the compression of the nerve. did your symptoms come on during your pregancy?? Good luck
by rhuck, Jan 18, 2006
Yeah that sounds exactly like my symptoms. I got pregnant with my son 4 years ago,but I am not pregnant now. But the pain and burning, numbness and tingling never let up. Why?
by Forum-M.D.-CM, Jan 19, 2006
here is a possibility, you entrapped some fatty tissue of something in the little opening (foramen) on your iliac crests and it stayed entrapped after your pregnancy. An EMG could determine if your nerve (called lateral femoral cutaneous nerve) is effected. If so then a small incision could release the nerve and it should regenerate and give you relief.You need to see a neurologist or maybe a neurosurgeon to be sure you get the correct opinion/test and then the correct procedure if it comes to that. I am not at all sure why your symptoms continued after the pregancy unless you did what I describe above, maybe even a tiny hernia into both nerve foramen. Come back to comments whatever you find out. There should be some way to nail this down and get you some relief. Good luck
by bprass, Aug 14, 2007
I am experiencing exactly similar symptoms as rhuck mentioned.
I am 35 yr old male, I dont smoke, dont drink, not on any medication, my BP, blood sugar, all other components of blood are in normal range.
My family doesnt have any history of heart disease or diabetes or any neurological problems, neither I have any such.

what do you advise?
by Thumper Dee, Sep 07, 2007
09/07/07 - Female 37, no uterus, so I'm not pregnant, however I have put on weight. This does sound like my symptoms as well. Thank you. I have an appointment on Tuesday and will mention this to the doctor.
by Valetta, Sep 14, 2008
I am 76 years old and in my forties I first experienced numbness in left thigh. Not all the time but often enough. I thought it was due to bad circulation.  However recently it has become almost constant and right thigh now affected. Sometimes bottom affected too. Have had a leg scan and due to have a Doppler Ultasound Scan but have been told nothing can be done about it. I do not know the reason. Any ideas?
by numb_tingling, Apr 01, 2010
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