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Old injury causing problems
Hi there, I had a horse accident 17 years ago and ended up with a compression fracture of C6.  Since then its been a long and ongoing battle of chronic neck pain.  No medication has been able to help me. Since the injury Ive had steroid injections epidurals, pain meds, massage, chiropractors, traction, exercise and so on. I live with constant pain in my neck, headaches behind my eyes, feelings of weakness and not feeling like i can hold my head up, feeling like my head is sinking into my body.  A recent MRI shows that my facet joints are sitting closer on top of one another, probably due to the lack of height from the old fracture. Doctors have said they can fuse my facet or my anterior cervical to help but that freaks me out!  A laser clinic has recently told me they can do a Foraminotomy which is simply taking out a small bit of bone in the facet joint to hep ease some pain, It looks like that could be some of my answer but what about the rest of my symptoms? Im just wondering if anyone else out there going through the same thing and or had anything done for it? p.s Im only 30 years old = please give me some hope x
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