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PLEASE READ: Chronic facial/teeth pain w/pressure-redness on left cheek...
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PLEASE READ: Chronic facial/teeth pain w/pressure-redness on left cheek?

It started in 2006 with a root canal then 3 endodontic surgeries, CT's, MRI's, nurologists, other dentists, ENT's, accupuncturests, chiropracters, heck you name it I have seen them....and been diagnosed with trigeminal nuralga(sp?) to being told it's all in my head:(
I am looking for anyone who has simaler symtoms (symptoms) to mine and maybe know what the heck is wrong.
#1 Pain/pressure that stays ALL the time just varies in severity with burning that comes and goes and a redness thatstays at the apple of my cheek.
#2 Bending over hurts like a stab of an ice pick in my cheek and any change in altitude makes it worse for 3+- and lays me up in bed for that time.
#3 The pain travels into my teeth(that have no root at all) and jaw to my left eye....some times my eye/face ticks(which never happen before this).
#4 Chewing on that side makes it worse as does if someone touches it or puts pressure there.

I have no cracked teeth or roots in any of the effected teeth.
I do grind my teeth at night and clench which is real painfull but the teeth gards (that I paid $800 for) grip those teeth to much and it kills.
No infection shows on the blood work. So they refuse to remove the teeth.
They have blocked the nerve with injection and it STILL hurts.
I have taken 10+ different neruological meds and nothing changed.
Plus I take many different supplements.
The ENT's wanted to do sinus surgery but I got scared and opted for different meds and it turned out to be a good thing because that was not the problem....although they did puncture my sinus in one of the endodonic surgeries and I thought that might be part of the issue but it was not:(
They ruled out cancer and any possability of a tumor....

I have used up our saving plus some trying to fix this and am at a loss as to what to do or look for next.
The dr's just wash their hands of me when nothing works...and send me on my way...after I pay my bill of course.
Norco help some what but I don't want to kill my liver and HATE asking for pain meds because they think that is way I am there which is kinda stupid because it would have been MUCH cheaper to find illegal drugs if that was what I was after..and would not subject myself or my family to the hardship of dealing with dr's and office visits and selling our home to pay for them(and our 401k and retierment).
I am SO tired of this I just want my life back.
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I know this may sound crazy, but try putting your tongue behind your TOP front two teeth and allow your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth. This allows your jaw to hang properly ALL the time. It helps with the clenching and pain. It will take about 1-2 weeks to train your tongue, but one day you will realize that your tongue is on the roof of your mouth and you don't remember telling it to go there. I had cheek, teeth, and ear pain. My ENT told me to do this and I laughed at him. However, I went home and tried it for 2 weeks. I have NOT had an ounce of pain ever since. Even now as I type I realize my tongue is on the roof of my mouth. I endured years of pain and it was this simple. If it works for you, trust me you will tell everyone you meet to do this.
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I cannot comment on you tooth/facial issue per se, but it sounds like your doctors are not very skillful or insightful. I have had THAT problem! Go to the largest university medical center you can get to. I have gone to Mayo Clinic (the big one in Minnesota) and also the University of Michigan. A lot of community doctors don't know an ear from a hole in the wall. Good luck to you
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