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Pain, red swelling in left leg
Cellulitis on the arm12 days ago I had a small red and inflammed patch with a small lump just under my knee
at the top of my shin on my right leg. The redness and inflammation spread all the way down to my leg within 12 hours and my leg  became swollen, hot shiny and very sore.
I was diagnosed at the hospital with Cellulitis and given Flucloxacillin 500mg and 2x250mg Peniccin VK to take 4 times daily (1000mg in total daily) for 7 days. After the antibiotic was finished the redness had gone but my shin still feels sore and there is a lump where the red patch just under my knee at the top of my shin was. The lump is still red and inflamed and now my ankle and foot have swollen with fluid and the calf of my leg is crampy/sore.
My doctor thinks the lump is actually Bursitis but why would the inflammation spread all the way down my leg if it was bursitis and why would the hospital doctor diagnose Cellulitis. I am female 62 years old, hope someone can help me know what is going on.
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