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Pain on left side of head.
For the past 3 years I have been suffering with a strange pain on the left side of my head. It first started out as a tingling at the top which got worse. I went to a neurologist who recommended a nerve block. I took two of those injections at the  base of the neck just behind the left ear, however that did not help. I did an MRI and the results were assymmetric ventricular vein (left vein measured 5mm while right 13mm)which was said to be a birth defect and a swollen espenoidal sinus. I was prescribed flixonase which did no good. The pain just worsens. The side feels inflammed and swollen. Whenever i apply pressure especially close to the middle with my fingers pain shots down to my neck and ear which also feels blocked. Sometimes a sharp pain shots through my neck where i was injected and down my left arm. I extracted a wisdom tooth which I thought was causing the pain since biting hard foods caused pain but it was no help. The other jaw teeth are decayed and biting down hard on them now causes them to pain but its isolated in the jaw. My head pulsates and burns and is worsened with lack of sleep or long hours infront a computer. My jaw feels sore as well and feels tight on opening and closing. Sometimes a bad tasting fluid comes down the back of my throat from my left nostril which gets blocked at times. I get nauseous and depressed and i forget things very easily. I also find it difficult to concentrate due to the severity of the pain at times. If I am on work it feels as if my neck wants to explode with pressure just beneath the left ear. When i move my eyes i feel a sorta bubbling or tearing at the back.  A spot on the left side of my spine hurts at times and it feels linked to the pain in my head but i cant be sure. Sometimes breathing in deeply cause a burning sensation at the back of my head as if a nerve is exposed. I wake with this pain and am forced to always go to sleep early because of it. If i wake to use the bathroom i feel disoriented and imbalanced. please what can this be.
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