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Pain that moves throughout body
My boyfriends mother has been dealing with a pain the moves through her body for over a year. The doctors told her just to ignore it & that they don't know what it is. She also has cysts under her right breast ( cysts aren't growing) & while they were doing a mamogram check up she had that pain under the left one where she doesn't have cysts. They took a picture & for the first time they caught what she believes has been moving on film. They took another picture right afterwards & it wasn't there anymore. They said it must have been overlapping tissue, but she told them no I can feel it in by my rib cage now. She said this is what I've been talking about it moves and gets lodged it certains areas (mostly chest, leg, arm, neck, & she feels like a marble is going across her forehead when its in that area. when its stuck in her arm she can't move her arm, neck..etc) They don't have any idea what it is, but the picture shows that it is star shaped and that's all she knows.  She has narcolepsy on top of all this, plus her anxiety is through the roof from being sent back & forth to all these doctors & not knowing whats moving inside of her. She's done multiple MRI's CT Scans & ultrasounds. She's been to lung doctors, breast doctors, skeletal, muscle & other doctors. She's 42 years old. Since we've been trying to figure this out for a long time we have been looking for anyones opinion about the situation. Thank you.
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