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Painful, large, puss filled bumbs on and around genitals
I've been getting these large bumps on and around my pubic area for perhaps 6 months or less. These are fairly large and filled with puss/blood/plasma. They are about the size of a pea and the puss is a dark yellowish grey. This is very embarassing, and I haven't gone to the doctor because my insurance stopped covering my doctor's visits. Now, I am 20 years old and am sexually active. I have had 4 partners total so far and none of them have had these symptoms. So I'm fairly certain this isn't an STD. The first one I got was several months ago around my sphincter. It hurt for several days and made it painful to walk. After a few days, it had grown a white head and I figured it was just an embarassing zit. So I popped it. Like earlier stated, the puss was darkish yellow and it had a foul smell to it. My mother told me it was probably due to stress. A few months later, I had grown another just on the outer lip of my vagina. It caused the entire lip to swell up and was very painful. After about a week, it had rubbed itself open and the same yellowish puss had come out, but not so much the smell. I have had it for two weeks now and it has still not gone away. Several times a day puss will come out of it.

Now I know some of you want to say something about ingrown hairs, but these are NOT. There is no hair trapped under the skin and it is far too large to be. All I'm looking for is some answers so I can stop thinking in the back of my head that it's Herpes. I know Herpes/genetal warts looks different and the symptoms cause a rushing, downward pain. The most I'm dealing with is some dizziness later at night that I don't experience until I have the bumps. Again, I just need some help finding out what I have, so if you have any clues, please tell me.

Thank You, Noodles
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