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Palm pain
I started having pain in the palm of my hands.  They felt like I was clutching something tight and then let go.  I would rub the palm of my hands to try and relieve the pain.  It didn't work. I had difficulty sleeping at night because my hands would go numb.  the numbness would go away after I sit up, but the hand pain continued.  I have been to an orthopedic doctor and wore wrist splints day and night for carpal tunnel with no luck.  He sent me to a hand specialist and he did a nerve conduction test for Carpal tunnel and it was negative.  I went to two more hand doctors and had two nerve conduction tests as well as an emg test.  My left hand is worse than the right and my left arm and shoulder is now being affected.  I have had many blood tests to test for everything from arthritis to immune issues.  Everything was normal.  I have seen a neurosurgeon and two neurologist. I went to an OT and she said she couldn't help me because it definetly wasn't carpal tunnel. Everyone seems to be stumped.  It doesn't hurt to do anything and my strenght is fine.  There is nothing that helps it and nothing that makes it better.  We have tried anti-inflamatories, pain meds, nerve medications,muscle relaxers and many other things.  Nothing is working and nobody seems to know what to do next.  The pain is mainly in the palm of my hands.  I am now starting to get the "stinging" feeling sometimes in the bottom of my feet.  This happens in my hands as well. IT will feel like a bee sting for about 2 seconds.  My palms hurt continuously no matter what.  Almost a cramping feeling.  One time it hurt really bad in the middle of the night and I woke up with a bruise.  If ANYONE has any idea about what this might be, please help me.  Thanks
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