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Petechiae and splinter hemorrhages - doctor is stumped
I'm at my wit's end and am FREAKING OUT.  I first started feeling "off" - very weak and tired  - about six months ago, along with some weird neurological symptoms.  Doctor thinks it's migraines, which I can deal with.  I've had TONS of blood work and everything was 100% normal.  

For that time I've been experiencing more splinter hemorrhages in my nails than usual - I used to notice one every few weeks or so.  Now I have two or three most of the time, though I occasionally go for weeks without getting any.  I spoke to my doctor about them and he said not to worry, that they were just caused by nail damage.  I mentioned endocarditis (never google symptoms.  seriously.) and he said flat-out "You don't have that."  But lately I've also been getting blotches of petechiae all over myself, most commonly where some pressure has been applied (on my should where I was wearing a bag, my chest where my bra fits snugly, today there's a bunch on my leg from where my cousin's daughter was sitting on me).  I got another CBC done and everything checked out normal, nothing weird with platelets or anything.  My doctor said sometimes they just happen and not to worry.  

However, I'm freaking out, because the two things together seem to imply that I'm bleeding way more than I should be at little provocation.  (I also bruise like an old banana, but I'm very clumsy and most of my bruises are on my shins, thus probably the result of hitting the dang coffee table every time I stand up.)  I'm figuring that leukemia or vasculitis or anemia would make my tests look at least a little off by now, and if it was endocarditis I'm figuring I'd be dead.  But what the heck else could it be?  

My doctor said not to worry, but I can't help it.  He's one of the best diagnosticians in the city, so while I'm fairly confident that if something was off he'd realize it, but at the same time, I'm confused and worried about what could be causing these symptoms.  Anyone ever had similar symptoms?  What did they turn out to be?
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