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Pinched shoulder blade? Coughing, night sweats, loss of appetite. Help!
I’m a 24 year old male. I was never sick beyond a cold up until a couple months ago. I’ve been having what feels like a pinched nerve in my right shoulder blade for a couple months.  The pain sometimes radiates into my right arm with the feeling of pins and needles. I’m assuming this is a pinched nerve. If I scrunch my forehead I can also feel all the nerves in my scalp. I went to a neurologist about it and she did a brain MRI, came back fine. I was supposed to do the EMG but, wasn’t able to at the time due t work. She was pointing to my stress levels and said, it could be that. Last year I had a bad groin pain and they did a CT scan and nothing came back. Twice I’ve gotten a feeling of really tense muscles in my legs, but eventually fades.

When I started getting pain in my right shoulder blade I went to my general physician who I trust very much. She did a physical and ran a full set of blood work and it all came back perfect. She also took chest x-rays, back x-rays, x-rays of my cervical neck area, and didn’t find anything. Referred me to a orthopedic surgeon which I will call tomorrow to book an appointment with.

Last year in September 2010 I had blood in my stool so they did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and ran blood work. It all came back fine. I also had a CT of my pelvis and my abdomen twice and both came back fine. The doctor said I had some mild acid reflux and some hemorrhoids. Took the medication and it never came back though recently my stomach has been achey and I feel like it probably has something to do with that reflux and loss of appetite.

I started to feel weird sensation around my testicles like four months ago and I went in for a testicular ultrasound and it all came back fine.

I also suffer from a pretty extreme case of anxiety from all of this. I’ve been getting some mild night sweats. Not that I’m like drenched in sweat but almost the same sweat I get when I’m nervous during the day. My doctor did some blood work to test my lymph nodes to make sure they were okay, and all came back good. I had a really small lymph node feeling when I got my wisdom teeth taken out but never came back after that. My teeth were impacted so I’m not surprised that happened.

I’ve lost appetite but I still will eat. I haven’t lost any weight though because I continue to eat my meals though I’m not hungry.

Also I started to cough the past two weeks or so. My doctor said it may be the acid reflux acting up and to take my Prilosec for a couple weeks and see what happens. She said I had some post-nasal drip which is believable because I work around literally hundreds of people and flu-like symptoms have been happening.

Though all test come back fine when you have some wheezing, back pain in the right shoulder blade, some mild night sweats some nights, and loss of appetite its not a good deal.  I guess my next step is try to see what doctor will give me an MRI of my right shoulder blade? I don’t know if an orthopedic will. Seems like they only care about the spine.

If stress is doing all this to me, the surely stress can kill you.
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