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Please help! Chronic Lymph node ache/pain
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Please help! Chronic Lymph node ache/pain

I have been suffering from lymph node ache/pain for almost 2 months now. It started on the right side of my neck and quickly spread to other lymph nodes in the neck and then groin. I do not feel anything in the armpits. Currently I have persistent pain/discomfort in the lymph nodes in the neck and groin area. Sometimes the pain is like a pinch and goes away in 1-2 seconds (more in the groin area), but mostly I would have a dull ache in one area in the neck ALL day long. The pain is not severe but it creates discomfort and drives me crazy. I think this may be something serious. Never heard about lymph node pain this long. I think nodes are not swollen. The neck ultrasound a month ago was normal. I feel normal and do not have any other complaints. Just maybe the back of my right knee is itchy sometimes. I do not know if there is a connection though.

I saw an MD (oncologist) for this problem and he requested some test such as CBC,  liever enzym test: ALT, AST, ALP, LDH, and ESR and blood smear. He says he did not see any symptoms of Lymphoma. My ALT level came out high and he thinks I have had a sort of viral infection. But I still do have lymph node discomfort.

Blood Work (everything within normal ranges):

WBC: 7.3
RBC: 4.78
Neutrophils %63
Lymphs %24
Monocyes %7
Eos %6
Basos %0
Platelets 372
Hemoglobin 15.4
MCV 95
MCH 32
Hematocrit 45.3

Liver Enzymes

ALT 98 (high, normal 10-40)!!!
AST 31 (normal 15-40)
ALP 63 (normal 40-129)
LDH 208 (normal <225)

ESR 9 (normal <15)

Did anyone experience something like this? Any systematic/generalized discomfort in the lymph nodes for a long time with no obvious swelling? The nodes I can feel  and which hurt (two on the sides of the neck below ear) are moveable and dont seem to hurt to the touch.
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Lymph nodes that are not swollen are not felt externally. Hence they do have some swelling. If the lymph nodes that trouble you are mainly in the head and neck area then problems like sinusitis, pyorrhea, dental caries, head lice and dandruff in your head could be the problem. If it is a generalized lymph node problem all over the body then dermatitis or some other skin problem or worms in stool could be the reason.
The enumerated the possibilities can be investigated or ruled out one by one by your physician and dentist. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
hiv???...swollen lymph nodes equal infection somehwere,and if your having them in multiple places id be thinking all over infections,such as hiv,,or cancers such as lymphoma
No, I am hiv negative, had a test for that recently. Did anyone else experience something like this before? My recent CBC two days ago was perfectly normal.
all i can say is you have to,,,have to have some kinda infection or infeltration somewhere,if not,your lymph nodes would not swell,,they swell when large amounts of blood cells gather together inside,always when there infection or something there,,,say you had a strep infection in your throat,,,toncilitis,,you would get swollen glands in the throat...herpes,,swollen in the groain,,see.
but swollen in upper.and lower body,,,that looks to be all over/whole body infection of some nature,,,i still would check into the lymphoma thing,,cancer would def. cause this,,,you say your hiv neg,,and thats great,,,so have them look more into the cancer thing.
I am experiencing the exact same symptoms the lymph in my right clavicle, and now it seems to be going to my left clavicle. The pain is constant sometimes mild some times intense but always there. The doctors gave me a CT Scan but it came back showing nothing. I went in last week and had a crying fit with my Dr asking is it Menopause / Im 43 or could it be because I have thyroid disease, or Hydronitis but he does not seem to think any of that is the problem. He says he thinks its an infection and then to pacify me (in my opinion) gave me antibiotics. Some days Im Starting to feel at the end of my Rope because the pain is wearing me down. Specially in the evening after feeling it all day.
Thats just like my symptoms, do the lymph nodes just ache really really deeply, and no pain killers help much? Any other symptoms? I have fatigue, occasional night sweats, upper back pain, and a cough as well as clavicle pain and neck pain, but no swollen nodes.

My doctors say i'm making it up and refuse to do a ct scan. I've been doing my own research and aside from getting checked for lymphoma, also thyroid cancer, (even if thyroid tests came back normal) and then I'm afraid it may be ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome. Glands often ache with that, as well as unexplained pain, I'm just hoping its not, as there is no cure. How do you feel after exercise? Also how about alcohol?

Hope this helps

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