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Please help me
Please help.  I have been sick for two years. I'm 22 years old.  I have a lot of intense back pain, mostly in my neck, but also everywhere else.  My knees hurt, my fingers hurt, and when I stand up in the morning my feet feel very very tender and sensitive (though they don't look swollen).  I had sciatica last year.  I have moderate psoriasis and my rheumatologist ruled out psoriatic arthritis ("nonspecific" patches of spinal inflammation + degenerative disc disease; no rheumatoid factor, and no genetic marker for psoriasis either..???).  I use to take desonide and betamethasone for the skin, but got switched over to dovonex in the summertime.  I have daily nausea and vomit occasionally because of it.  Last week, I threw up because of standing up too fast.  I'm very lightheaded and occasionally get a numb feeling at the top of my head, my cheeks and my tongue.  This morning, I ate toast and drank a half cup of coffee before going to class and I had to leave half way through because I was seeing spots, had severe, PIERCING stomach pain and my heart was RACING.  I was tested for celiac disease (I use to be incredibly thin, with the same stomach pains), and the results were negative + no malabsorption problems.  Vitamin levels are fine.  I had allergy testing and I have chronic urticaria (seasonal), but no food allergies.  I have heterogeneous echotexture on my thyroid gland and normal T3, T4 and TSH readings (TSH: 3.65). I had low Vitamin D, which is now resolved by a 2000IU supplement, daily (PSH was normal: 2.7).  I have menstrual spotting, a week after the end of each period.  I have gained weight rapidly (20 pounds in the past 2 months).  
I'm worried.  I feel terribly sick and none of my doctors are listening to me.  I could really use some advice.
I'm also waiting for an x ray of an enlarged lymph node.  My doctor explained to me that it's unusual because there is nothing inside of the lymph node (i assume, no nucleus?).  They found it when I was getting my ultrasound of the thyroid gland and a fine needle aspiration (they thought it was a nodule and it's not cancerous).
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