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Possibility of Wilson's disease (from ophthalmology and neurology)
I'm 29 years old Asian female. My eye color is brown.

I have partial dark greenish black rings around my corneas.
Can these be Kayser-Fleisher rings?

There are golden/light brown rings (about 1-2mm) around my
pupils too. Can these be sunflower cataracts?

Additional information on my eyes:
1. More sensitive to bright light especially during night
2. I've had blurred vision.
3. Eyesight test results were pretty good.

I have also several weird symptoms such as:
1. My right foot always falls asleep. (not so strongly)
2. Urinary difficulty
3. Choked on liquid sometimes
4. Pain on neck and shoulder
5. Pain under the rib on the right side
6. I've lost about 17 lbs (approx. 15% of my weight) without dieting (appetite hasn't changed)

Liver function test results (AST, ALT & Gamma GTP) were OK.
Urea nitrogen and creatinine were little bit low. I don't know about
either serum copper or ceruloplasmin because the blood test
didn't include them.

Should I be concerned about the possibility of Wilson's disease?
If it's not WD, what kind of disease can be thought? Please advice me.
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